Ms Gray phoned to Highly compliment Jose & Angel for their work on her property. She was so impressed with them. She gave us permission to charge her CC for $100.00 to give them $50. each ”- Linda G.


Thank you so much. The crew did a great job. They were so nice and accommodating. Really appreciate your services. ”- Helen S.

Preservation Tree Services Chicken Coop!

Ready for the Peep at the Coops Tour on May 5th? We are a sponsor! Most people are suckers for their pets. We’re no different here at Preservation Tree. Our office pets just happen to make breakfast for us every day! Did you know we have our very own chicken coop here at our Dallas office? Here is a shot of our owner Harold Spiegel having a chat with “Rochelle” of the Rockets. Think maybe he has a favorite?


Here are the rest of our girls going about their business in their run, next to their very own cottage coop. We feed our girls all organic feed and fresh greens from our garden.

Here at Preservation Tree we’re committed to organics and sustainable practices. We know how important it is to those of you with kids, pets or livestock to take care of your trees and landscape organically. That’s why we offer organic care and fertilization along with our SEASONS program.

If you keep city chickens, we’d love to see some photos. Feel free to post them on our FACEBOOK page!

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