Leo and his crew did a great job on removing the Magnolia. They let me take pictures and gave me a slice of the tree for a table top. That was very sweet and special to me. ”- Jean C.


Scott was great! ”- John H.

Preservation Tree Services Helps Beautify Munger Place Historic District

If you live in East Dallas or have traveled through the area, you know that it is often the large established trees that make these neighborhoods some of the most valuable properties in North Texas. As these majestic trees die off from old age, environmental hazards, storms and pests, they must be replaced in order for such historic neighborhoods to hold onto their unique appeal and property values.

Recently, we donated some of our time and knowledge to help one of East Dallas’ oldest historic neighborhoods, Munger Place Historic District, populate their parkways with newly planted trees. Trees were planted on each of the five streets that make up this small, Old East Dallas neighborhood.

Munger Place Historic District Tree Planting Dec 162

Newly planted red oak gets a good start in life in Munger Place.

The City of Dallas Urban Reforestation Program provides trees to neighborhoods in need of reforestation. Munger Place neighbors started filling out the necessary paperwork and signing up volunteers in September. By December, plans were in place for a mass planting to take place mid-month.

The day before the scheduled planting of red oaks and cedar elms, provided by the City of Dallas, one of our skilled planting crews was dispatched to hand-dig the planting holes at just the right depth and width to give these new trees the best start.

We are honored to be part of this wonderful project to reforest such a historically significant area in Dallas. Thank you to everyone involved, especially the volunteers and neighbors of this tight knit community.

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