Everyone did an excellent job and cleaned up everything very nicely in both front & back. In addition the men who worked here brought joy to us all with their laughter & kidding around as they worked steadily with excellence! ”- Gary R.


Thank you so much for being flexible with our construction mess! ”- Kay L.

Preservation Tree Services & Texas Worm Ranch Go Great Together!

We are proud to announce that our SEASONS Program’s spring application will now contain Texas Worm Ranch’s organic worm compost. We will incorporate it into our own local homemade liquid compost. Texas Worm Ranch is a locally-owned company that makes their own top quality worm compost full of microbes and nutrients needed by your trees and entire landscape.

Texas Worm Ranch never feeds their worms peat moss or just one food source of any kind. Instead, they are fed a diversity of vegetative waste to produce a premium product filled with beneficial soil organisms and nutrients.The addition of worm compost will keep trees in top health and better able to ward off pests and diseases.


We will also apply this nutrient-dense worm compost to help treat specific pests and diseases that may already be active. When you balance the non-beneficial microbes and fungi with beneficials, you help your tree’s immune system work better to naturally achieve optimal health.

We use Texas Worm Ranch products in our yards with stellar results and are positive you’ll love the results as well. See more pictures of our visit the their headquarters on Pinterest.

Follow them on Facebook and if you have any questions or need additional information on how adding worm compost to your trees will encourage even better health, contact us here.

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