As you know, my trees are very special to me. Also, the tree pruning team did a fantastic job, they were very friendly and professional. THANK YOU! ”- Julia H.


Your guys were great! Really appreciate your services. ”- Konnie C.

Preservation works with S & D Oyster Company in Dallas

Preservation Tree Service is very pleased to announce that we’ll be assisting in the protection of trees at a longtime favorite…S & D Oyster Company in Dallas. Herb and Mary Kay Story Are long time tree-huggers, and friends of Preservation Tree Service. Established in 1976, this Dallas institution operates in an historical building where they serve up fresh Gulf seafood. The trees around the property are important to the cozy feel of the restaurant.


The good news is, they are starting an expansion project at their popular McKinney Avenue location. The addition will expand upon the Gulf coast eatery experience with a New Orleans courtyard feel.

Did you know that construction projects like these have a major impact on your established trees? Construction plans should take into consideration the valuable assets that exist in these trees. Preservation Tree Services is prepared to assist property owners in providing for the proper protection of trees before, during, and after the construction phase.


As the project progresses, you’ll see areas like this around the property where we’ll be setting up protection zones for the remaining healthy trees. Preservation Tree will be working with S & D Oyster Company every step of the way through their expansion project to make sure we preserve their much needed urban trees. When you visit S & D, which we’re sure you will, you’ll notice PTS signage around the trees. We’ll take photos along the way and keep you posted about the project.

We commend Herb and Mary Kay for taking the time to protect their trees during this expansion. You should too when you drop by their place. Feel free to give us a call here at PTS if you or your business needs help protecting and preserving your existing trees during a residential or commercial construction project. You can read more about our construction mitigation services HERE.

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