The crew was excellent! They worked hard and continuously until the job was completed. Most of all I want to Thank you and praise your expertise in specifying the work to be done and communicating the details so well to the crew. ”- David R.


I must tell you how professional the crew was. The trees look great. ”- Lory E.

Pruning for Storm Readiness!

Wondering if now is a good time to prune your trees? Now that trees have begun to leaf out, it’s a good time for PTS to do preventative pruning for health and vigor. Large trees such as cedar elm, ash, American elm and many more large shade trees, should be properly pruned for: Clearance issues, deadwood, safety, aesthetics, light filtration and proper air flow through the canopy. This is especially important during our storm season. Proper pruning now can prevent major storm damage to your trees and property…and YOU!

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Live & Red Oaks: If you’ve called us for pruning services lately, you might have been told this is not the time to prune live oaks. Due to oak wilt activity in spring, we’ll wait until summer to start any new pruning on live oak trees. We can go ahead and schedule your summer live oak pruning. You can read more about how we manage Oak Wilt HERE.

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