The crew did an excellent job! We ARE very pleased. ”- Susan M.


Tree cut, yard clean, great job. Crew was very polite and very hard workers. Will be more than glad to recommend them, real professionals. ”- Judy B.

Removing Dead Trees at The Heard Museum

Recently, we were called upon to help out the The Heard Natural Science Museum & Wildlife Sanctuary, in Mckinney Texas, with some pruning and removal of dead trees. Preserving trees is our primary focus here at PTS; trees are an important habitat for much of our native wildlife. If you haven’t visited The Heard, you’re really missing out! The museum has three mission goals: Ecucation, conservation and preservation. Through education, particularly for young people, The Heard emphasizes an appreciation of nature and its conservation. It is a great place to visit with the kids!

Part of properly maintaining a nature sanctuary that is healthy for its inhabitants and safe for visitors is removing certain trees that have died.

If you look closely, you’ll see one of our highly trained and experienced crew members way up in that dead tree! First, we systematically remove lateral branches from the tree.

Once most of the lateral branches have been removed, we start working on the main trunk.

This is a big tree! it takes large high powered equipment to work through the large trunk sections.

Once that is completed, we make strategic cuts to determine the direction the tree will fall when we bring it down. Once the main trunk is down, we section any large pieces that can be recycled for lumber. All of the smaller branches and twigs wil be chipped down and recycled into mulch, compost and eventually liquid compost extract. Nothing goes to waste!

Removing large trees is serious and dangerous business. It must be performed by qualified and well-trained individuals who can make sure it’s done properly and safely. It takes very experienced climbers and specialized equipment to do the job right.

We love The Heard Museum and we applaud their mission of education and conservation. We also commend their commitment to properly take care of their trees!

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