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Right Tree, Right Place: Watch out for those Power lines!

The scene in the image below is common across Dallas and Fort Worth these days. Trees that were planted in the easement have outgrown their space and are now obstructing power lines. Sadly, the city is then forced to severely prune these trees in order to clear them from the power lines. How can you prevent this from happening to your precious trees? Plant the right tree in the right place!


Technically, the easements and parkways are city property. There are restrictions as to the types and sizes of plant material that can be planted in them in order to allow proper sightlines for drivers and access to utilities. However, homeowners regularly plant trees that are much too large for the easement. Resulting issues include obstruction of power lines, driving sightlines, damage to sidewalks and vehicles.

When choosing a tree and a location, keep in mind the distance from your home’s roofline, power lines, driveways and easements. Always consider the mature size of the tree before you choose the location. Small trees and large shrubs that stay under 15-feet tall are best used if there are power lines nearby. Why not choose a Vitex or a Smoke Tree for these locations? Smaller shade trees such as Chinese Pistache or Mexican Plums are great for urban lots. Remember that live oaks are very large trees. While they may take a long time to get there, they can easily overwhelm your roofline and powerlines.

Still unsure about which tree to plant in your landscape? We can help you choose, plant and maintain your trees to keep them healthy and beautiful … organically!

Has a tree limb fallen on a service line? Please call your Electric Service Provider and follow the directions listed HERE.

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