The crew you sent to my property was amazing. Their work is aesthetically pleasing, wonderfully balanced and beautiful to look at. They are no doubt a Blessing to your company. I want to Thank you very much for your service. ”- Rick T.


I just wanted to thank you all again for the quick response last week. The team did an excellent job. ”- Terry B.

Risky Tree Removals

Sometimes it is necessary to remove a tree. Our main goal is to protect and nurture trees to an old age, but we must be prepared for the inevitable. Often, when a large tree has died it can be difficult to remove without damaging adjacent property. That’s when we bring out our big equipment, like a crane!

Recently, we had to remove a very large dead tree in a customer’s back yard. There were several other large trees close by as well as the house itself. Because access to the backyard did not allow for larger equipment to be moved in, we utilized our large crane to carefully remove the tree piece by piece, over the top of the house!

Pts  High Crane2

This is a very delicate process so you want to make sure you’re working with certified arborists who manage highly trained specialized crews. Our crews will carefully dissect and remove trees safely.

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We take all generated debris with us, leaving your property clean. After the tree has been removed, we can then provide stump-grinding service to allow for other plantings to be installed over the area where the tree once stood. We can also assist you in choosing replacement trees, if that is your intention for the area.

We can furnish a tree of your choice and plant it for you. We will guarantee the tree’s life for one year if you allow our planting crew to do the installation. If you have lost a tree, or need to have one removed, please call our office for a free removal and stump-grinding estimate. Questions? Give us a call in Dallas 214.528.2266 or in Fort Worth 817.581.4502, or email us at [email protected].

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