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Root Flare Exposure Work Exposes Big Tree Problems

Trees rely on their roots for structural stability as well as the exchange of oxygen and delivery of nutrients. When tree roots are covered up by too much soil, debris, or groundcover, it’s difficult to assess root health. When we expose the root flare, we can get a much better picture of what’s ailing your tree and what action we need to take.

Root To Be Exposed And Cut Girdling Root

This circling tree root signals a need for root health intervention.

Sometimes, as in the case here, girdling roots show up above ground, making for a quick diagnosis. This twisted and circling root threatens the tree’s overall health and longevity by girdling – and essentially choking the tree. There are a number of causes of root girdling. Often, the tree was left too long in its container at the nursery or the girdling could be a result and reaction to nearby construction. Sometimes wiring around the root ball isn’t removed at planting, causing roots to grow improperly.

Root Flare Exposure Work Uncovers Girdlig Root To Be Cut

With the root flare now exposed by the technician, the underlying problem can be addressed. Special equipment and some hand digging are utilized.

In this situation, our arborist decided the best plan of action was to remove the girdling root to avoid further damage to the tree. Cutting large roots from a tree demands tree knowledge, well-trained crew members, and the proper equipment. Irreparable damage can be done if someone without the skill and know-how does the job. Always call in a certified professional to take care of major root pruning.

Root Flare Exposure Girdling Root Cut

The girdling root has been cut by the tree care technicians so that the root is no longer girdling the tree and threatening its overall stability.

When such a large cut is made, the technician will apply lac balsam to the surface of the cuts. Lac balsam is a clay-based phosphate fungicide that works to protect the wounds as the tree heals. With the root flare now exposed, as we always recommend, the tree has better access to oxygen.

Root Flare Exposed Cut And Painted

With the cuts completed, Preservation Tree crew can now paint on lac balsam, a clay-based phosphate fungicide to protect the wounds as the tree heals.

If you notice any circling or girdling roots on your trees, or are worried that your root flare isn’t visible, give us a call for an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.

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