Great job! ”- Rebecca T.


I wanted to commend the crew on their work Saturday. The trees look great and everything was cleaned up nicely. ”- Paul H.

Safety Always Takes a Front Seat at Preservation Tree

Preservation’s Safety and Training Coordinator, Daniel Cottier, recently tackled the subject of angled back cuts at one of the company’s regularly-held safety training courses. Crew members viewed an informative video on the dangers of using these cuts when felling trees. Additional sources were presented and discussed.

Consensus points to abandoning angled back cuts altogether in the interest of safety when taking down a tree, opting instead for horizontal cuts only. The crew lobbed many questions Daniel’s way and plans were formed to next tackle the subjects of proper notching and rigging techniques.

We take safety very seriously at Preservation Tree, and are constantly training and reassessing our protocols, making sure to foster a safe working environment.

Horizontal Cut Favored Over Angled Back Cut In Felling Trees Cropped

A horizontal cut is favored over an angled back cut when felling trees.

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