Your crew did excellent work removing our Fruiting Mulberry from the front courtyard. I would recommend your company to anyone needing tree services. ”- Lili C.


I have great respect for the work that Preservation Tree does. I know that their professional Arborists are working to give our oak trees the best care possible. ”- Clare M.

Save Your Tree by Air Spading Instead of Trenching

There are times when you have to perform work at your home or landscape that involves trenching or cutting through the roots of established trees. Construction work such as installing new irrigation, utility lines, fencing and new home builds can end up destroying a huge percentage of an established tree’s existing root system. Once you cut away a large section of a tree’s structural and feeder roots, you end up with a tree that has a difficult time taking up enough water and nutrients. Without enough structural roots, these weakened trees can also become a major safety hazard.

Trenching damages tree roots Preservation Tree

When you have to go underground for construction or repairs in your landscape, there is a better option that can help preserve your valuable trees: Air spading. Our professional arborists here at Preservation Tree use specialized pneumatic air spades to remove the soil with the least amount of root damage. Pneumatic air is used to fracture and aerate heavy soils and allow better air and water circulation in the soil around the tree. When construction or utility repair projects need to be performed, we can use our air spades to carefully blow away the soil from around the roots without damaging them. This leaves you with a “trench” in which you can run irrigation lines, utilities lines, foundation materials and more; but it leaves tree roots intact!

We also perform pneumatic air spading around the base of existing trees in order to remove excess soil build up that can cause decay and tree death. Often, trees are planted too deep, leaving the structural and feeder roots buried too deep. Sometimes due to the grade of the property or excess mulching over the years, additional soil builds up around the base of your tree. We can remove this excess soil using air spading. Read more about how we do this HERE.

Arborist using pneumatic air spade around tree Preservation Tree Services

When you purchase a property that has large established trees, remember that those trees make up a percentage of your property value. When you plant new trees on your property, it takes years of care and input to get them established and reach the desired size. The last thing you want to do in either of these situations is destroy a tree’s roots, perhaps leading to its death, when that damage can be avoided.

If you need to perform utility repairs, dig for new irrigation or utility lines, or any related construction project, give us a call first! We can inspect the site and advise you on opportunities to use air spading instead of trenching. Your trees will thank you!

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