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Soil Testing in Dallas and Fort Worth

Healthy soil is the key to a happy and healthy landscape. The right soil balance and biology means a strong and vigorous tree. Often, when one of our certified arborists inspects your trees they may recommend having a soil analysis performed. Or, perhaps we’ve tried several treatments on an existing tree but we haven’t resolved an existing issue; we’ll often turn to the soil for more answers.


What is a soil test? Soil analysis involves scientific testing to determine pH, nutrient levels, organic matter content and other items essential to plant health. Soil analysis is used whenever there is a problem that normal treatments do not resolve. There are times that we are faced with odd nutrient levels (too high or too low), toxic foreign materials present and/or soil-borne pathogens that are only identifiable by professional soil analysis.

What do we do?

The arborist takes samples from various locations throughout the property to facilitate a composite soil analysis. For a problem area, samples are concentrated within the specific soil area.
Samples are then sent to well-renowned scientific laboratories for complete testing. Different labs are used depending on the problem at hand. Reports are then analyzed by the Preservation Tree Services arborist to determine proper treatments. This process normally takes two to three weeks from the date of soil sample collection.

If your landscape or trees are struggling, please give us a call for a consultation and soil testing. 214.528.2266 or 817.581.4502 or CONTACT US online.

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