Great crew that clearly had years of experience. ”- Matti M.


Your crew was out yesterday and did a Great job. Not only was the pruning itself fantastic, but the cleanup was amazing. The yard and pool looks better than it ever did. We Thank you so much. ”- Gene P.

Spring Care Checklist: Give Your Trees & Lawn a Head Start

Even with the recent cold temperatures, spring is on the way here in Texas. And we also know that means extreme weather could still be right around the corner. Now’s the time to re-visit your spring tree and landscape checklist, before you get busy enjoying the nice spring weather!

1) Inspect your landscape and trees

Take a few minutes to get outside and walk through your landscape. Take note of any places where extra water is standing, especially if low spots are located near tree trunks or in lawn areas. Check for any obvious broken branches or other damage around tree trunks. As temperatures warm, you may also see insect pests emerging. Being familiar with your property and landscape makes it easier to identify issues in the future.


Walk & become familiar with your property.

2) Tidy Up

Now is a great time for a spring clean up in the landscape. Trim small trees and shrubs, and clean up large piles of fallen leaves from your landscape as plants are emerging from the soil and leafing out. But, don’t bag or haul off your fallen leaves! Shredded leaves are great for adding to a compost pile or incorporating into landscape beds – adding important organic matter back into your soil.


Work fallen leaves back into your soil.

3) Prepare for spring storms

Schedule a visit from your arborist to check for any hazard branches or deadwood that could fall during high winds or a storm. Spring storms always expose weak branches that can cause property damage — preventative pruning is crucial to the health of your trees & your wallet. Sometimes, we recommend cabling & bracing to preserve trees with structural challenges. Our certified arborists can help you decide when & where this is necessary.

4) Plant new trees

While fall is always the best time to plant new trees in Texas, early spring is still a good option. Plant as early as possible into the season so your new specimens can establish before the heat of summer sets in. Of course, always make sure you are planting the right tree in the right place, especially in tight urban environments.

Power Line Pruning-2

Choose the right tree for planting, and you can avoid situations like this.

5) Mulch your landscape beds and trees

Spring is the perfect time to apply a new layer of mulch to your landscape. Not only does it freshen up the look of your yard, but it also prevents weed seeds from germinating, cools soil during the brutal summer temperatures, and helps conserve valuable soil moisture. Natural mulches also break down over time, adding organic matter to your soils. Make sure to always follow proper mulching techniques around tree trunks.


Correct mulching helps to conserve moisture and cool soil temps.

6) Fertilize your trees, shrubs, and lawn

Trees and lawns start putting a lot of reserved resources into new root growth and new leafy growth as we head into spring. Spring fertilization is especially important. Properly fed trees, shrubs, and lawns are able to more easily fend off pests, diseases, and weather challenges. As a part of our SEASONS program, we apply a liquid bio-fertilization treatments to your trees, shrubs, and lawns to keep them strong, healthy, and lush looking.


Fertilize now for a healthly lawn and landscape later.

Need some help with your spring checklist? Our qualified staff is ready to help you with your spring tree and lawn health needs. Call us today to schedule a visit.

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