Jamie, Chad, Angel and the men who trimmed our trees and the one who sprayed our trees are absolutely tops in their jobs. We have recommended Preservation Tree every chance we get. We will never us anyone but y’all. ”- Vicki D.


Quick response when many had tree cleanup issues. My trees look beautiful. Thank you ”- Ann M.

Start the Year Off Right with Good Tree Care

Want to take better care of your trees in the new year but don’t know where to start? An annual tree check up might just be the best option. Just like it’s good for us, our kids, and pets to get an annual check up at the doctor, your trees could use some hands-on attention from a qualified arborist.

When it comes to tree care, most homeowners are focused on pruning and trimming activities. And while strategic and well executed pruning is key to keeping your trees healthy, there are many other things that go into growing healthy trees. Building healthy soil, managing pests and diseases, and well-timed fertilization are all part of a good tree health program.

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Healthy soil = healthy trees

Soil aeration and soil testing, in addition to root flare exposure, you will improve the overall health of your trees. Regular maintenance will lead to healthier, more beautiful and long-lived trees.

Soil aeration involves removing 12-inch deep plugs of soil around the root zone of the tree. The holes are then filled with a mix of pea gravel, dried molasses, worm castings, lava sand and more that will aide in improving soil health so that air, water and nutrients pass through the soil more easily.

We often test the soil in your landscape to better understand what nutrients your trees might be lacking. We can then customize a plan to increase the right nutrients and bioactivity in your soil.

If your tree looks like a telephone pole sticking up out of the ground, then your tree’s root flare needs to be exposed. When a tree’s root flare is covered by soil, especially compacted soil, the tree can suffer from a lack of oxygen. There could also be other problems lurking beneath the soil line such as girdling roots, or twine or wire wrapped around the trunk. Soil built up around the trunk can also lead to fungal diseases and decay. We gently remove the soil away from the root flare to assess what could be affecting your tree.

Trees get hungry too

If you can’t remember when you last fed your trees, then it’s been too long! OurEco-friendly SEASONS program will help keep your trees and surrounding soil healthy year-round. No need to remember if you fed your trees, schlepping to the store to buy fertilizer, or worrying about over-fertilizing and damaging your plants. We manage it for you with well-timed seasonal visits.

Visit our Blog and Tree School to keep up with timely information and tips to keeping trees healthy throughout 2016.

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