Tree looks good. There were many dead limbs. The trees look balanced now. ”- Jack M.


Thank you so much. The trees look great. And it makes me feel better if we get another nasty storm! ”- Evelyn R.

State of the Denton Urban Forest: Urban forests play an important role in the lives of city dwellers.

Visually, we all know how important trees are to the quality of urban life. Aesthetics, cleaner air, habitat for wildlife and shade to cool our structures are but a few of their most valuable assets trees have to offer, especially cities with more concrete than green space. But quantifying the monetary and environmental value of trees is a trickier. That job takes extensive work from urban forestry professionals.

Urban Foresters help cities, large commercial properties and even homeowners place a value to their trees. Through tree inventories, tree risk assessment, tree management plans and development, and other tasks, urban foresters are skilled at analyzing trees in their urban environment to better understand their monetary and environmental value in order to make better decisions about the future needs of the area and how trees fit into those needs be it more shade for buildings, water runoff management or even basic maintenance to ensure the trees live to see another generation. More on what an Urban Forester does HERE.

See the full report State of the Denton Urban Forest.

Pts Denton Uf Report Final V7 Lr 1

Micah Pace, PTS Urban Forester, recently partnered with the City of Denton and Keep Denton Beautiful to complete a comprehensive study of Denton’s urban forest. The State of the Denton Urban Forest report contains data that was collected, analyzed, and then reported to include how best to understand their urban forest structure. This information is crucial in promoting effective policy development, sound management planning, and help set and anticipate future budgetary requirements. The results are fascinating!

Pts Denton Uf Report Final Lo Res 32 33

Did you know? Denton has 3.5 million trees that impact not only the aesthetic value of the area, but also impact economic development and how the people respond to their homes, work and play areas in Denton. Reforestation of trees lost to fire, weather, construction and old age are all part of the overall plan.

Urban forests play an important role in the lives of city dwellers. Trees enrich their environment through providing a more livable and sustainable life in the city. If you’ve never seen this kind of urban forestry assessment before, and you’re interested in trees and urban reforestation, be sure to take a look at it online. See the full report State of the Denton Urban Forest.

All of us at Preservation Tree Services also want to thank Texas Trees Foundation and Plan-It Geo, Inc. who also took part in the study.

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