We want to thank the crew. They were courteous, thorough, displayed expertise & went beyond our expectations. We realize it’s tough work, but they did it with a smile. Congratulations on assembling an ace crew. ”- Astrid L.


The crew did a great job! They were friendly, courteous, responsive and the cleanup was amazing! Thank you. ”- John B.

Storm Damage: Fallen tree due to construction decades ago!

We were recently called out to a home in Arlington to remove a toppled tree. Before it fell down, if you were to look a the overall appearance of the tree, it may have appeared to be in good health. However, upon close inspection, we discovered a burl, or large decaying growth, at the base of the tree that most likely formed about 50 years ago. The damage was probably due to construction of the nearby street.

What is basal damage? In short, it is a scarring at the base of trees due to fire or impact, such as the impact from construction equipment as was most likely the case here. Of course, sometimes it can take decades to see the damage. Due to dramatic decay, there was only one small spot on the tree that had sound, solid wood. The entire tree’s wood was very, very soft. To the inexperienced observer, the tree seemed fine; the damage could be seen when the tree fell, exposing all the interior issues decay.


Lesson learned: always have a certified arborist keep trees safe during construction, and always have an arborist inspect your trees on an annual basis for any hidden problem.

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