Everyone did an excellent job and cleaned up everything very nicely in both front & back. In addition the men who worked here brought joy to us all with their laughter & kidding around as they worked steadily with excellence! ”- Gary R.


The crew did an excellent job today, they went above and beyond what Scott asked of them. They let me pinpoint a few things to handle and did a great job for me. ”- Richard H.

Storm damage to your trees? Don’t touch that power line!

Wow! With yesterday’s heavy rain and the recent windy days we’ve had, spring storm season is officially here! When trees are improperly pruned or haven’t been pruned for years, the danger of dead limbs or overgrown branches falling onto your home, car or even a loved one is always present. Having trees pruned now to ready them for the possibility of spring storms should give you peace of mind once those storms arrive.

We recently met with Oncor to discuss tree safety while pruning around power lines. Our top priority is to keep residents of the Dallas-Forth Worth area safe. They brought out equipment to demonstrate what would happen if a power line came in contact with tree pruning equipment causing an electrical arc. The resulting display of power was truly amazing….and dangerous!


An electrical arc is sustained by 25,000 watts of power and can reach 2000 degrees F. Best not to come in contact with a power line no matter what the case. When you see downed lines, you know not to touch them. But what if a tree branch is leaning against lines? We say never touch those either! Children should always be warned to steer clear of downed branches and power lines. Not only should they not touch, but they should not even get near the wires to inspect them. This is when you hire a trained Arborist to come and remove the downed tree branches and also call Oncor right away to alert them to the damage.

Has a tree limb fallen on a service line? Please call your Electric Service Provider and follow the directions listed HERE.

Need to have your trees pruned or need emergency tree services? Contact us here to schedule an appointment. You can read more about electrical arcs at the Oncor site here.

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