The crew was wonderful! They made such a wonderful space for my yard and they cleaned up so well. I am so happy I found you all and I am not going anywhere. ”- Margaret G.


Thanks for taking care of our trees Saturday, Laura, and for scheduling us so quickly. I feel much safer in our yard now. Your team did a great job. ”- Christine O.

Storms Wreak Havoc on North Texas Trees

Strong storms have been hitting more frequently than normal this year, and they recently roared through North Texas causing tree and property damage all over the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Falling trees and heavy branches damaged roofs, cars, neighboring trees broken and many residents were put in harm’s way. If your trees were not greatly impacted by the storm, there’s probably a good reason. If you lost trees or suffered property damage, then it may be those trees needed some TLC.

Storm Damage

Maintenance = Preservation

Large, mature trees that have withstood storm after storm could just have good luck. But most likely, those trees have been cared for by a professional arborist who understands how to encourage yearly vigorous growth, healthy roots and lush foliage. Trees maintained by skilled arborists and their crew of diligently trained tree health care technicians that prune, feed, plant, and care for them regularly, grow healthier and more vigorous so they are better able to withstand heavy rain, wind, and even snow and ice.

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“It’s a sobering reminder every now and then to witness just how dangerous mature tree’s can be when they are not respected and cared for on a regular basis.” says Ken Smith, ISA Certified Arborist.

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See no value in skilled maintenance?

Ken Smith, ISA Certified Arborist and eight year Preservation Tree veteran, has seen his fair share of trees and homes destroyed by storms. Just after a recent summer storm, he received a call from a family greatly affected by the heavy winds and torrential downpours. They were referred by another of the family’s service providers. “This was a new client who was referred to us by one of the service companies that we partner with. While it does happen, it’s rare for our existing clients who partake of preventative tree care to contact us with emergency storm damage as extreme as we’ve seen lately.”

Ken goes on to say he firmly believes that trees maintained by a reputable tree company, be it Preservation Tree or another equivalent team of tree pros who have the knowledge and education about tree care, will be the ones to stay standing after the storm. The way we prune and maintain trees, using an Earth-friendly and science based approach, encourages trees we manage to be much less susceptible to this type of storm damage.

What do we encourage you to consider when making your trees storm-ready?

Scheduling regular tree care will grow your trees to be stronger and healthier. They’ll be less susceptible to pests and diseases, nutrient deficiencies, branch drop and other dangerous elements that will reduce your tree’s structural integrity.

Give Ken or one of our many other Certified Arborists
a call this season. Isn’t the investment in your valuable and wonderful
trees worth the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your family
will be safer from the type of damage our North Texas storms can cause.

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