Ms Gray phoned to Highly compliment Jose & Angel for their work on her property. She was so impressed with them. She gave us permission to charge her CC for $100.00 to give them $50. each ”- Linda G.


The guys did a fantastic job with the tree removals. I couldn’t believe how clean the area was & it was like the 2 huge trees were never there! Thank you to the crew, Michael & Daniel for making sure everything went smoothly. ”- Jubilee P.

Storms are destroying our trees: How can you prevent tree loss?

I think we can all agree that none of us were expecting the severe winds we experienced in the recent storm! Did you lose large branches or even an entire tree in the storm? Did your tree split down the middle or was it pulled out of the ground at the roots? Many of these sad tree losses could have been prevented with proper tree care and skilled pruning.


The effects of the past few years of drought are really coming to a head now for our urban trees. If you’re wondering why you see so much tree damage after storms, drought is a major factor. Lack of water weakens trees making it tough for them to fight off pests and disease; root growth suffers and branches weaken. Over time, a drought impacted tree may not be able to hold large, heavy branches, especially if it’s been poorly pruned. Stressed trees can often lose major branches, trunks or even fall completely with only a few hard gusts of wind or heavy rain.

We say it all the time and we stand behind it! Proper tree care and preventative pruning by a qualified, certified arborist is one of the best things you can do for your trees and your property value. Investing in a good pruning every so often will save you money and heartache; it can also save your home from serious damage, or even injuries to your family. Heavy, falling branches on roofs, cars and across roads are far too common and far too preventable. Nut bearing trees are especially vulnerable with the added weight of fruit. Have a pecan tree in your yard? We highly recommend having it inspected right away!

Think you can prune off a heavy branch yourself? You could; but you could also damage the tree beyond repair or seriously injure yourself in the process. Tree pruning is no business for amateurs. It’s dangerous and it requires training. When improperly cut, a heavy branch can end up ripping from the tree and tearing tissue. These improper cuts invite dangerous pests and diseases into your tree further adding to its possible decline. If a branch needs more than a simple small hand lopper to take it off, its time to call a pro!

Now is the time to have the trees on your property inspected before the next heavy storm. Storm season is already here and we want you, your family and your property to be safe. Even if you don’t call us, please call a certified arborist to check on your trees.

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