The crew did an awesome job! They clean up better than anyone I know! ”- Martha T.


Thanks for the great job your crew did not trimming the Crepe Myrtle’s. There was the potential that this trim could look like butchered job, however it does not. The trees look good and still have a natural appearance. ”- Joseph O.

Storms Destroy More Drought Stressed Trees in Dallas

We never like having to write these kinds of posts; but with the dramatic climate and weather we experience here in North Texas, it seems there’s alwas a new storm worth talking about. The big rain and wind storm, with tornado threats, that came through Dallas on Friday did quite a number on many large established trees in the area.

Pts Stormdamge

There are many reasons why large trees will break or topple over like the ones you see in the photo. Our trees in the DFW area have been suffering from drought conditions for years. Homeowners don’t often think about watering their trees, but a brittle, drought stressed tree can easily break with one heavy gust of wind.

Many trees have either not been pruned in years or have been improperly pruned. Trees that have been over-thinned, leaving most of the weight at the ends of the branches, will often split right down the middle or lose very large limbs during heavy storms. Poorly pruned trees may need special cabling and bracing in order to keep their large limbs and trunks intact. If you haven’t had your trees pruned in several years, now’s the time to have them inspected before the next storm.

Soil compaction and construction also play a big role in weakening large trees. As you see in the photo above, these large trees were surrounded by a home and stone patio, severely limiting a viable root structure. You’ll often see the same type of uprooting with trees in easements that are surrounded by concrete.

We saw trees like the one above uprooted across the city due to poor pruning and drought stress. If you lost a large tree in recent storms, then take the opportunity to make sure the right tree species is selected to replace it, and that it’s planted properly in the right spot.

Remember, a stressed or poorly pruned tree may look completely normal and healthy to the un-trained eye. If you want to avoid property damage and loss of large trees, please have your trees inspected by a certified arborist. Don’t wait until the next storm!

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