Ms Gordon wanted to compliment the crew regarding the wonderful job they did on Wednesday. She stated the entire crew was extremely nice and her trees look beautiful! She was very impressed. Awesome work! ”- Nancy G.


Our trees look great. The day we did the pruning a storm came through that night and everyone on the block lost branches but my property. I appreciate PTS taking care of our trees. ”- Jerry O.

Stumped by the Tree Stump? 5 Reasons to Remove it.

Perhaps you have been digging in a new garden bed only to find your shovel impeded by a large hard object. Or have you broken one too many lawnmower blades because of stumps left and forgotten in the lawn? When a tree is removed by a homeowner or “guy with a truck and a chainsaw” the stump is often left behind without thought as to how it will impact you down the road.

A professional tree care company will often give you the option of whether or not you want to remove the stump. When you choose an experienced and certified tree care company, they’ll help you decide, with confidence, on whether or not stump removal is necessary.

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Consider these facts as it can often incur an additional cost.

Stumps can be a gardening nuisance. They’re often an obstacle when you are planting a new tree, shrubs, perennial or even simple seasonal color. Also, if the stump is trying to push up new shoots, it can use up key nutrients from the soil around it, robbing nearby healthy plants of what they need.

Stumps are unsightly. Left in your lawn, and old stump can detract from all the work you’ve put into make the rest of your landscape look nice.

Stumps can be a hazard. A stump sticking up out of the lawn can be a safety hazard to people playing or walking through the area. If a neighbor trips and hurts themselves, it could be a liability. Stumps also damage mowers, breaking blades that could also be a hazard.

Decaying stumps attract pests. As your tree stump decays, it can attract unwanted pests such as beetles, ants and other insects that bore into wood. Stumps take a long time to decay, leaving your entire landscape vulnerable to damaging insects. Even worse, termites are attracted to rotting wood stumps and could eventually find their way into your home. If a stump is left close to the foundation of your home, you could be asking for a termite invasion.

New trees can grow from a stump. Sometimes the stump left behind can push forth new trees all around it by way of shoots. Not only is this unsightly in the landscape, but can also cost more money in the future to not only remove the original stump, but all the offshoots as well. Plus, chemicals are sometimes the only way these shoots will stop re-growing.

Have a stump that needs removal? Call your local arborist for a consult on whether or not it’s worth the endeavor.

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