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Your guys did an excellent job. ”- Worthington HOA

Summer Stressed Trees? Fall Tree Care can Help.

The intense heat is beginning to show on many of our trees. Hot night temperatures combined with a stall in rainfall mean your trees are going to need some watering TLC. You may have noticed some trees beginning to turn a bit yellow or pale, or even dropping leaves. Fall is just around the corner, so we’re expecting a bit of relief soon.


Keeping your trees healthy during times of heat or drought stress has a lot to do with building a healthy soil. By applying a root zone injection of liquid compost you can help build populations of Mycorrhizal fungi and other healthy soil micro-organisms. These soil organisms help improve the texture and quality of your soil and help retain more moisture so that it’s available to your trees.

Remember, soil is a living organism that performs best when there is a good balance of organic matter, soil organisms, nutrients and air. Composted humus, another ingredient of our soil treatments, helps improve the soil so your plants can take up nutrients and water more easily through the soil.

If your soil is heavily compacted, which is common in our area, then you may want to have it aerated at the same time you put down soil biostimulants and fertilizer. Continual soil compaction can suffocate roots and kill off beneficial microbes.

Preservation Tree applies soil injections of such biostimulants in the fall as part of our SEASONS program. These root zone applications are especially helpful for improving soils that have been compacted by both the heavy spring rains and the drying heat; as well as help replenish nutrients leached out of soils by the heavy rains.

If your trees appear to be stressed, nutrient deficient or are dropping leaves, now’s the time to plan for fall tree care. Soil feeding, soil aeration and preventative pruning can help get your summer stressed trees back on track and keep them sturdy for storm season.

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