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Supporting the Texas Discovery Gardens

Our parks and green spaces play a big part in our urban forest, and that is why it is important for us to support them. One of the ways we do this is by donating our time and labor to projects around the Texas Discovery Gardens at Fair Park.


We’ve been partnering directly with the Texas Discovery Gardens to support the park since 2016 and we feel it is one of our most important community support projects. Because the Gardens are only partly funded by the City of Dallas Recreation Department, we volunteer to inspect and prune trees on the property as part of a community partnership effort. We donate time & labor to much needed detailed pruning, natural tree health care, and chipping services throughout the beautiful grounds.

This fall, we dedicated several days of tree care work to the gardens. During those days, our crew took on a few different projects.

One project involved raising the tree canopy to increase sunlight to a declining lawn area and improve visitor safety in those areas. While it’s not a common practice for us to remove tree growth only for lawn growth, when lawn areas are used by visitors in public gardens they need to be clear of branches that could pose hazards…and the park needs to keep the lawn healthy to maintain all that visitor foot traffic!


We also reduced the canopy in several areas due to building needs and other desirable plant clearance. The Train Garden specifically required attention to remove hazardous dead limbs, along with a few dead tree removals and the necessary stump grinding. All of this work created a safer space for visitors to the gardens.

It’s an honor to improve and maintain the trees at such a beloved garden. We hope you’ll visit our friends at the Texas Discovery Gardens soon!

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