Please thank your crew for the wonderful job they did on our trees & bushes yesterday. My wife and I are very happy with the job they did. Thanks for your good work. ”- Don R.


The crew did a great job. I really appreciate your services. ”- Joe P.

Texas Red Oak: A Native Favorite

Pts  Red  Oak

Some strategic pruning on a Texas Red Oak – oaks should be pruned July through February.

Texas Red Oak, not to be confused with the very common Shumard red oak, is very tolerant of urban conditions and our extreme climate. Texas Red Oak will even thrive in our tough, clay soil. This native species is more drought tolerant than other red oaks. Leaves turn orange to gold once the weather starts to cool in the fall. This beautiful multi-trunked shade tree can grow to 75-feet tall, however plants typically stay at about 50-feet tall and 40-feet wide, which makes it a better choice for urban landscapes.

Be aware that all red oak species are susceptible to oak wilt disease. If you live in an area with active oak wilt, or your neighbors have trees with oak wilt, you would be better served by planting alternative oak species, such as lacey oak or monterrey oak.

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