Your crew did excellent work removing our Fruiting Mulberry from the front courtyard. I would recommend your company to anyone needing tree services. ”- Lili C.


Great job! ”- Savannah D

The Case for Urban Trees: How do they affect you?

We’ve all heard and read stories about the need for trees. They clean the air, provide oxygen for us to breathe, cool our homes, offer shelter for wildlife, and prevent soil erosion. Here at Preservation Tree, we constantly think about and are aware of the trees around us. We heal them when they are sick, we care for them to keep them healthy. Why? The most obvious reason is because we love trees. But most importantly, trees have a huge impact on the health and wellness of our family, friends, neighbors and community. That’s why we keep doing what we do best: Preserving your trees!

More and more research is being done on the direct effects of trees on humans. Researchers from the American Journal of Preventative Medicine found a direct association between the amount of trees in your environment and your health. They studied an area that was treeless due to an emerald ash borer infestation. In this area, more deaths from heart disease and respiratory disease occurred than the 18 other areas they were also studying that had many more trees. “This finding adds to the growing evidence that the natural environment provides major public health benefits,” researchers wrote in the study.


We often just assume that trees will always be here, or they are easily replaced if they die. But take a good look at your outdoor space: Can you imagine what it would be like if you lost the large cedar elm that shades your patio? How about the stunning red oak in front of your home that really improves your curb appeal? What about the live oak that shields your home from the hot western Texas sun exposure?

Many diseases or structural problems in large established trees can be corrected if they are caught early enough. But it takes regular health checkups from a certified arborist to keep your trees in the best shape possible. Just like we need to have regular doctor visits, so do our trees.

So take a moment to reflect on how the trees in your landscape and community affect you personally. Then be sure to schedule a visit from a certified arborist to keep your trees, and you, healthy and happy!

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