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The caterpillars are coming! Watch out for these leaf chewing critters on your trees.

While it might still be a bit chilly outside, spring has definitely sprung and we’re starting to see springtime pests emerge on your trees. Caterpillars such as tent caterpillars and leaf rollers may already be munching on the new leaves your trees are putting on right now. Specifically, we’ve seen leafrollers on oak trees. You can recognize them when you see tiny worm-like caterpillars hanging from silk threads in your tree.


There are a number of different caterpillars you may find on your tress this spring. In addition to the leafrollers, there are several species of tent caterpillar that make their appearance in spring. Easter, western, sonoran and forest tent caterpillars make tent-like webs around the new foliage on your trees and eat away at the leaves. There are other caterpillars, such as webworms and the walnut caterpillar pictured above that will show up in fall.

Defoliation causes stress on your trees as they are coming out of dormancy. It’s best to nip these leaf-chewing critters in the bud before they cause too much damage. You don’t have to use harsh chemicals to treat them. We have natural, eco-friendly methods to help rid your trees of infestations.

Give us a call if you spy these critters in your trees!

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