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The Perfect Tree for Planting Under Power Lines

Right place, right tree. That’s the motto around here at Preservation Tree. As we head into April, a month notorious for heavy rain and wind, we begin to prepare for calls from our customers whose tree’s have had branches fall on or around power lines. Or perhaps even lost an entire tree. These situations are incredibly dangerous and one that could have been avoided if the right tree had been planted under or near the power line.

Do you know what to do if a tree on your property falls on a power line? Find out HERE.

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Hard Pruned

We understand the frustration of having a beautiful tree pruned in a way that does not suit the tree. But when a large species of tree is planted too close to power lines, there’s no avoiding severe pruning. Not to mention that after years of hard pruning, which stresses the tree, the tree can become structurally unsound and fall anyway.


The Right Tree

One of our favorite, smaller urban-sized trees is the Redbud. Redbuds grow to a moderate 15 to 20 feet, keeping them clear of power lines. If your Redbud does happen to grow a bit taller, it doesn’t take much pruning to keep it in check. In spring, the Redbud is one of the first flowering trees to bloom. It’s electric pink-purple flowers can be seen across the metroplex, offering blasts of color after the winter season. Blooms will soon be replaced with green foliage that turns golden yellow in fall. Native species of red bud will require only moderate water through the hottest of summer once established. Plant Redbuds in full sun to light shade.

In landscaping, scale always matters. Choosing the right plant for your space will ensure it has room to mature into it’s natural form and look its best. When it comes to the beauty of your landscape and the safety of your family and home, always choose the right tree for the right place on your property.

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