Your crew came out and I have to say they are all so polite and gracious. They did a fabulous job. ”- Darien G.


This was the best thinning and trimming yet. I have recommended your company to several friends and 2 have used your services. Thank you! ”- Carolyn B.

Time to Feed Your Soil

As part of our SEASONS Program, we’ll be visiting homes this time of year for the late-fall/early winter application of liquid compost to the soil around your trees. While it may seem like it’s too cold for us to apply liquid compost, it’s actually a good time!


Now, if you were talking about applying a synthetic high-Nitrogen fertilizer then we’d say absolutely not! The treatments we apply throughout the year are nothing like synthetic fertilizers. In an organic program the main focus is on building the health of the soil, which in turn feeds your landscape turf, shrubs and trees. That’s exactly what we’re doing when we apply our bio-active liquid compost. With the stress that our urban trees have been under between the extended drought and now this latest ice storm, the last thing you want to do is skip this seasonal treatment.

If you’re still convinced it’s too cold, let us remind you that our soils do not freeze here in North Texas. That means the soil is still very bioactive. Also, soil temperatures stay much warmer than air temperatures. There can be a big difference between the air temperature and your soil temperature, especially in sunnier areas. So it might be 35F outside, but your soil could easily have a temperature in the 40s or 50s. Often, our soils don’t maintain a soil temperature below 50F consistently through winter. So it’s perfectly safe to go ahead and apply our liquid compost extract.

We really don’t want you to miss out on this important feeding just because it’s chilly outside. It helps to think about it in terms of feeding the soil, rather than fertilizing the plant. If you’ve cancelled this season’s treatment due to weather, there is still time for you to call us back and re-schedule. Your trees will thank you!

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