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Tornadoes in Dallas! Storm Leaves Trees Battered.

Here in Texas we do everything big…even the weather! We’re all in recovery mode after yesterday’s torrential rain storm and tornado threats. Large trees and branches came down all over town as a result of the high winds.

In these kinds of storms, most of the damage occurs in trees that are drought stressed, improperly pruned or haven’t been pruned in a long time. Many trees that were planted in easements will also topple because their root systems and access to oxygen are suppressed due to all the surrounding concrete.

American  Elm 0071

Your tree may look fine to you, but it could be suffering from years of drought stress. Trees that have been weakened over time from lack of water will often uproot entirely at the base.

A common contributor to storm damage is over-pruning and thinning of trees: You want your grass to grow, so you let the “tree guy” who knocked on your door thin out your tree to let in more sunlight. The result? Branches that are heavily weighted at the ends. These branches will then be at high risk for breakage once a wind or ice storm comes along.

It’s times like these when homeowners unfortunately learn the benefits of preventative care after it’s too late. Now is a great time to schedule a tree inspection to prevent future tree damage!

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