Thank you so much, we were very satisfied with the service. The whole team was awesome and did a great job. ”- Bruce K.


The work was excellent. The tree looks wonderful. Benji and the crew did a great job on my property. ”- Jane C.

Training a New Generation of Tree Climbers!

When it comes to the safety of our staff, and you and your property, we don’t take chances. Safety training is a big deal here at Preservation Tree and we take every opportunity to participate in local training workshops. Hiring the right people who have the skills to do the dangerous work of climbing your trees is no simple task. An untrained climber can not only harm himself during a climb, but also your tree. We take choosing the right team members to train to climb trees very seriously.

In order to expand our staff of climbers, we often look to existing staff to see who shows special potential. For those who have the desire to learn to climb, we teach them. We have TCIA Certified Tree Care Safety Professionals on staff who train new climbers and teach them how to be safe when they are up in your tree’s canopy.

This is our crew at the Grapevine Chamber of Commerce & Library learning to climb trees the right way.


PTS Crew Foreman, Mike Presley, teaches Matthew Rephan to attach climbing gear properly.


Matthew listens carefully as Certified Arborist and TCIA Certified Tree Care Safety Professional, Bob Shea, and Mike discuss tree climbing.

Img 0340

Training Foreman, Horacio Tinoco (in the dark blue sweatshirt), trains Silvestre Garcia, Ariel Guzman and Miguel Sanchez how to climb.

Img 0341

Horacio helps Silvestre get ready to climb.

Just because someone owns a ladder, a truck and chainsaw doesn’t mean they are qualified to climb and prune your trees the right way. An enormous amount of training and learning that goes into safe climbing and tree care.

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