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Did exactly what we wanted & there was not any mess in the yard. ”- Wendy P.

Transplanting Trees with City of Grapevine

Today, we want to give a shout out to the City of Grapevine for working to preserve trees! Currently, they are working on an extensive expansion project for their public library and recreation center. There were a number of established trees on the property that were in danger of being lost due to new construction. Rather than simply removing the trees, the city decided to save them by having them professionally transplanted by Preservation Tree! The trees have been relocated from behind the recreation center to behind the public library.

Moving large established trees can be tricky. It’s important to conserve the right amount of root structure for each tree.

It also takes large equipment to move such large trees.

Making sure they are replanted properly in their new location is crucial.

Trees are such an important part of urban life. Preserving established trees, when possible, is a worthwhile investment. These translpanted trees will need attention and care as they become re-established over the next several years. Again, we commend the City of Grapevine for cherishing their trees!

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