Thank you for the fine work on our Cedar Elms. All the mistletoe is gone and your crew left the yard so clean, you can’t even tell they were there. Thank you again. ”- Tom D.


Great job! Have already recommended you to friends and neighbors ”- Carl G.

Tree Planting on a Grand Scale

After having such a great time at Tyler’s Arbor Day, we returned to “Rose City” for an impressive planting job with our planting partners at Texas Trees Foundation. This particular job required some road closure work, heavy equipment, and a very tall crane to settle the trees into their new environment.

Rice Crane Job Tree Planting 2

During the first two years after planting a tree, we recommend the following air temperature guide to aid in determining when to water, remembering to adjust for rainfall. Keep in mind, these parameters are intended as guides, not absolutes:

During the winter, water the tree every two weeks if no rainfall occurs.

60 degrees – once every 10 days

70 degrees – once a week

80 degrees – twice a week

90 degrees & above – three times a week

Trees on this planting day ranged from 4″ diameter to 9″ diameter and included October Glory Maple, Brandywine Maple, and Merlot Redbud trees. What a colorful addition to the landscape this palette of trees will bring!

1 Rice Crane Job Tree Planting

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