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Tree Removal: It’s okay to let go.

Trees, especially those that were planted many years ago, become like members of our family. We create memories surrounding trees we or our children grow up with. They become a visual fixture in our landscapes, they’re planted in remembrance of people or special occasions, or they’ve become an important part of our celebrations by providing shade as we spend time outdoors. But no tree is permanent, and eventually you may be confronted with removing a beloved specimen.Â

When should you remove a tree?

Depending on the species of  tree, its life expectancy could be hundreds of years – or less than 20. However climate pressures such as drought, heat, and storms, coupled with urban pressures such as construction, soil compaction, pollution, and perhaps a lack of ongoing care, and a tree’s life may be cut short.

Swiss Redoak5Sm1

The 100 year old oak tree in the photo above finally succumbed to hard pruning, sun scald, hypoxylon canker and age. Sadly, this tree was beyond saving.

We always focus on saving and preserving trees by working to improve their overall health and structural integrity. Sometimes the best course of action is to take a tree down. When a tree becomes a safety hazard for you, your family and your property, it may be time for it to go.

We are often called out to diagnose trees that have diseases, have been hard pruned around power lines, been the victim of construction damage, succumbed to severe drought or even been touched by house fires and lightning. Sometimes there is no obvious visible damage to your tree, but it could be filled with decay.

Ptslightning Damage14 600Blog

This tree was hit by lightning!

Find a pro

A consultation from a certified arborist can help reveal any underlying issues with your trees such as nutrient deficiencies, decay, disease or hazardous branches. Many times, a tree can be saved if certain problems are caught in time. If left unchecked, however, small problems can become tree killers.

Start fresh

If your tree has become a hazard and must be removed, don’t wait until it comes down on its own in the next big storm. It’s better to bite the bullet and have it removed before it causes serious property damage. If you must remove a large tree, then be sure to give thought to the type of tree that is replanted in its place. Often, the original tree was the wrong type of tree planted in the wrong place. An arborist can help you not only remove trees, but also help you make good decisions about they new trees you should plant.

Fall is for planting

Summer heat and drought has been hard on our trees and with the cooler weather just around the corner, now is a good time to have your existing trees inspected and treated for nutrient deficiencies or structural damage. Fall is also the best time to plant new trees. Give us a call today to get on the schedule for fall tree care.

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