Thank you for the prompt reply & scheduling of treatment as usual. I appreciate that very much! We thank you all for the continuing growth and health of 3 of our large trees. ”- Janet S.


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Tree Removal: Wrong Tree, Wrong Place

This summer, we had a tree emergency come up that had to be addressed immediately. A large, established pecan tree planted many years ago in an east Dallas neighborhood, was struggling. Over time, it had outgrown the tight space where it was planted. Wedged between the house and a fence, the 4-foot diameter trunk filled the entire space between the home and fence. Talk about “right tree, right place”. This was definitely not the right tree or the right space.

Unfortunately, because of an error in judgment made decades ago, the result is a costly tree removal for the new homeowners. A large removal like this takes special large equipment and manpower in order to make sure the job is done safely. Removing a tree this size without damaging any surrounding property is tricky business and should only be performed by experts with the experience to do the job right. The very large stump will also have to be ground out to make sure further damage isn’t done to the foundation of the home.

You can see the top of the pecan tree in the center of the image nestled to the left of the fence.

Due to the size and where the tree was positioned, we had to bring in a large crane to remove the tree and lift it over the home!

When choosing a tree for your landscape, you’ll always want to consider the space available for the mature tree. Have power lines running across your backyard? Then an 80-foot Cedar Elm is probably not the right choice! There are many smaller trees that can still provide shade without becoming a hazard. Chinese Pistache and Monterrey Oaks can be great choices for smaller urban lots.

Once removed, we cut the tree down into manageable pieces to completely remove it from the property. We never leave brush on your easement! Details about debris on the easement here.

Do you have a tree that is crowding your home, causing damage to the foundation, or in decline and becoming a safety hazard? We can inspect and assess if the tree needs to be removed. We can also help you choose the right tree for your space, and plant it the right way. Contact us for a consult by one of our certified arborists.

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