Y’all did an outstanding job. Will definitely recommend. ”- Ron B.


The guys did a terrific job on the front trees. They look great! I was especially impressed by how thoroughly they cleaned up the debris from the yard and the street. Job well done! ”- Teresa H.

Tree Tips: Winter Tree Care

Winter can often be a treacherous time for our urban trees. Because we fluctuate so quickly between warm and icy weather, our trees can really take a beating. The last ice storm was a wake up call for a lot of homeowners about the need for regular care and quality tree pruning,before an emergency situation happens. Here are a few things to keep in mind as we officially head into winter today:

  1. PTS is here to meet your tree care needs in ALL weather conditions. If another storm arrives, we’ll have our emergency teams on call and working. Please keep our emergency response process on our website bookmarked and call our office at 214-528-2266 or 817-581-4502 if you need tree emergency assistance.
  2. If a tree hits your home, please call a certified arborist to remove it. For the safety of your home, the tree, and yourself, a tree care specialist will know best how to handle the situation. And never touch a tree that is touching downed wires!
  3. A certified arborist will best know how to diagnose your tree. Does the entire tree need to be completely removed? Does it just need broken branches removed? Which way will the tree fall if it is does need to be removed? Please be wary of tree care fakers“.
  4. Step away from the chain saw and put down that shovel! Just step away.” Your yard may look like a disaster zone with its broken limbs and drooping shrubs, but now is not the time to start sawing things off and ripping things out, say North Texas arborists and horticulturists. Preservation Tree Services President, Harold Spiegel talks about winter damage at this link.

  5. Why you must feed soil in winter? We answer that question here. Our north Texas soil does not freeze. Therefore, we continue with our organic fertilization because healthy soil is the key to healthy trees.
  6. We’ve been surveying a lot of tree damage since the ice storm last week. Luckily, many of our clients that had proper preventative pruning done made it through with less damage than many others we’ve visited. We know that good tree pruning can seem expensive. But saving a few hundred dollars on the front end could end up costing you big after a storm like this one. Please make sure to have qualified and certified arborists assess your trees and provide good quality care.
  7. Even with the possibility of another storm between now and February, winter is still the best time to plant and transplant trees and shrubs before the onset of summer heat and drought. More info here.

Please keep in mind, if you would like to schedule us to come and trim trees or present a consultation and estimate for overall tree maintenance, there may be a small wait as we finish clearing the remaining ice storm damage. People around the city are realizing the importance of having certified arborists caring for their trees. Whoever you decide to choose to care for your trees, be sure to ask for an ISA certification number as reference.

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