It was an excellent experience overall. My trees don’t look trimmed, they look healthy and happy. ”- Wendy J.


The backyard of my house is looking great. Thank you so much. All of the guys on your crews have been delightful to have around. They really have been wonderful. ”- Rachel N.

Tree Trimmings Left On the Easement: A Bad Idea!

An ongoing concern for many Eco-conscious homeowners in Dallas is the issue of bulk brush pick up on city easements. We’re constantly dismayed when we see huge piles of tree trimmings left on the easement by irresponsible tree companies. First, putting all that organic matter into the landfill is a terrible waste. Second, taxpayers shouldn’t be picking up the bill for what your tree company should be managing.


Why? Because that is supposed to be our cost of doing business. We remove all trimmings and trees cleanly from your property. A trained, certified, bonded and insured tree care company will always remove the waste from your property and never leave it on your easement. Once we remove trimmings from your property, we make sure they are recycled in the most responsible way.

The type of brush each city allows homeowners to put out for bulky trash pick-up varies as does the allowable size of the brush pile. This service is not meant to be a cost saver for a business whose job it is to clean up after their work. It’s only meant to be used by homeowners that have small amounts of brush to be removed. While some cities have recycling plans for bulky brush, others do not and large brush and tree trimmings often go into the landfill.

While the City of Dallas is making strides in its recycling efforts for materials such as plastics, paper and other household waste, they still have a long way to go when it comes to composting brush and larger tree trimmings. The City of Plano will recycle brush, but did you know that tree trimmings and brush piles for pick up may not exceed six feet in length, four feet in height, and four feet in width? That’s certainly quite smaller than most of the brush piles left behind by many not-so-responsible tree companies. You may be subject to a code violation and city fine, plus additional pick up fees if your tree company leaves a large pile of trimmings behind.


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