I’m happy to have found such a qualified arborist after all this time! ”- Benita W.


Thank you. Your crew did an outstanding job yesterday! They, of course, were quite efficient getting the tree taken down. But they also did an amazing job cleaning up afterwards. You Folks ARE the best! ”- Fred F.

Trees as Gifts? Yes, please!

Gifts for family members or close friends don’t always have to involve a trip to the mall. If you want to give a gift that really keeps on giving, how about a tree?

Here is a story about a family tree from one of our friends:

“We once had a neighbor who was given a tree back in 1976 to plant at their new home. The tree, when originally planted, was only a few feet tall. Their young children would jump over it when it was first planted and then as the tree grew, they would use it as “base” in a game of tag and then later, they would sit under it in summers, eating watermelon. When those children were grown and the tree was more than 20′ tall, the parents hung a swing from it so their infant grandchildren could swing from the same tree their parents had once jumped over.”


We love the idea of a momentous, sentimental gift that creates memories. And nothing helps to create memories better than a tree! This holiday season (or any season) why not gift a tree and planting for a new homeowner, a first time homeowner or to symbolize a couple or child’s first Christmas?

January, February and March are excellent times to plant. If you’d like, Preservation Tree can select and plant a tree for you or your recipient. We make sure all trees are planted the right way from the start. Read more about our tree planting service here.

Here are some of our favorite shade trees for your loved ones to enjoy.

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