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Trees Planted in The Easement: Right or Wrong?

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Many years ago, a Dallas neighborhood thought it would be lovely to have a tree-lined street. Homeowners got together and planted large-growing trees, such as oaks, in the small easement spaces. As the trees grew large, so did their roots in the confined space, leaving sidewalks, curbs and water pipes broken and the trees in a precarious situation. Unfortunately, planting large trees in small easement spaces that are surrounded by concrete and sidewalks can ultimately mean failure for the tree and damage to surrounding property. Not to mention, trees planted in easements under power lines are destined to be butchered once the branches entangle the lines.

As the recent storms illustrated, trees with weak root systems can topple over in strong wind gusts. Without an adequate root system to support the tree, it’s simply unable withstand heavy storms. In the most recent storm, we saw many trees fallen on cars along the street; most of these trees were planted on the easement and had litle root structure to support them.

Remember that the easement is city property. There are restrictions for what you can and can’t plant in them, so be sure to familiarize yourself with your city’s easement restrictions. If you need help assessing the health of your easement tree, give us a call. Or, if you’d like to plant a new tree and want to make sure it’s planted properly in the right place, we can help!

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