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University of Texas at Dallas: Protecting Trees During Construction

Have you been to the University of Texas at Dallas campus lately? There is a lot of activity going on! As we’ve spoken about regularly here at our blog, construction work is a big killer of trees. It’s incredibly important to provide proper protection for trees during the construction process. Construction mitigation is one of our specialties here at PTS.

Recently, we were contracted by UTD to provide pre-construction, construction and post construction tree protection and care for a large number of live oaks, red oak, cedar elms and crape myrtles.


There is an area of the campus that UTD refers to as “The Mall”. This is an important feature of the campus and they are in the process of rebuilding the area. Part of our job is to relocate four of the large existing live oaks, provide temporary locations for many crape myrtles that will eventually be replanted along The Mall.

We will also work on crown restoration pruning for many of the existing trees, root flare excavations, soil compaction remediation, fertilization and insect and disease suppression for all of the trees in the construction area. In the next couple of weeks, we’ll blog about crown restoration pruning and why so many of our urban trees are in need of it.

Often, trees are simply not given the consideration and care they deserve during a big construction project like this. We want to commend UTD for their forethought and concern for the trees that make their campus a better place!

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