Nancy, you are so responsive and so very nice! Thank you! Your management has, as well, bent over backwards to accommodate me, so you should know If you don’t already, that you work for a very good company. Again, Thanks! ”- Jim A.


Nelson was great! ”- Richard G.

Urban Forest at The State Fair of Texas!

Have you made it out to the State Fair of Texas yet? If not, be sure to stop by our Urban Forest Garden Room, near the Aquarium. It’s a place to hang out and relax in the shade at The Fair, so feel free to grab a tree bench and take a load off! Our “log couch” has been a popular lounging spot so far.

Preservatio Urban Forest

Small brush, leaves and branches we remove from your property are always chipped and reycled into organic compost. From that organic compost we make organic liquid compost extract that is used in our fertilizer to feed your trees. We bring the recycling process full circle!

Do you have a beloved tree that may have become a hazard? Rest assured that when you call us at Preservation Tree, we’ll do our best to save it for you. If it can’t be saved, then we’ll take the best care to remove it safely, and make sure that your tree never goes to waste.

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