I want you to know how polite, patient and professional Noel was. He was very thorough in his explanations and I appreciated him taking the time to talk with me. Thanks again for all you do for our trees. ”- Dorothy B.


I so appreciated your quick response to the damage to my trees after Sunday’s storm, especially since I know other customers had also experienced severe damage. A huge “thank you” to everyone involved. Preservation Tree is the Best!! ”- Jene B.

Urban Forestry: Improving Life through Trees!

What is urban forestry?

Understanding how trees improve our lives and how we can document and care for city trees is known as urban forestry. An urban environment filled with healthy trees has better air quality, more beautiful green space, habitat for wildlife and so much more.

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In dense urban areas, where you often are surrounded by lots of concrete, metal and glass, trees offer a respite from the heat and sun. Trees make a big difference in temperature in the city. Homes that are shaded by large trees use less energy to cool their homes. Trees also shade concrete and other reflective surfaces that can put a lot of heat back into our environment. Trees breath CO2, just as we breathe Oxygen. More trees means better air quality! Tree canopies help reduce storm runoff and their roots prevent soil erosion. As we lose trees due to weather, disease, natural death, or construction, it’s our civic duty to make sure they’re replaced with healthy new specimens.

We are advocates for your trees because we know they are an important part of the urban infrastructure. Here in Texas, with our severe climate conditions, it takes some extra special care to ensure that trees not only survive but also thrive. We monitor local trees for insects and disease, feed them at the right times throughout the year with organic nutrients, and continue to educate ourselves about what ails them such as the constant threat of oak wilt or the possibility of invasive pests such as emerald ash borer. We never stop learning about trees and passing that information onto you.

If you feel that your urban trees need a boost, contact us a call for a check-up! We care for trees from Fort Worth to Dallas.

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