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Urban Fruit Trees

While companies like ours typically spend most of our time focused on the care of your large shade trees, we also think it’s important to add fruit trees to your urban landscape. Planting even just one fruit tree is a small investment that can result in years of enjoyment. Many fruits are easy to grow in Texas with just a little effort.

Pear Tree Sm

There are many types and varieties of fruit trees that do well in North Texas. Pear, peach, apricot, plum, persimmon, jujube and fig trees are all great options. You can also plant apples, but they just might require a bit more care. Apple and Asian pear trees should be planted in pairs for adequate cross-pollination for ample fruit production. Peach trees are available in standard and dwarf varieties and as early and late producers. Peach trees do not require a cross-pollinator, so ifyou have room for only one tree, you’ll still get plenty of peaches.

Mexican plums are not only beautiful ornamental native trees, but they also produce an abundance of small plums great for making jelly. ‘Celeste’, ‘Texas Everbearing’ and ‘Brown Turkey’ are excellent fig tree choices.

Many of these fruit trees are small in stature and don’t take up a lot of space in your garden. In addition, they are fast growing, and you’ll often get your first nice harvest only two or three years from planting. This makes them excellent choices for smaller urban landscapes. The springtime blooms are a welcome addition to the ornamental landscape and also beneficial for pollinators like honeybees.

Preservation Tree can help you select fruit trees and plant them properly in your landscape. Call us at 214-528-2266 or 817-581-4502 or CONTACT US online.

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