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Want Healthy Trees? Get an Annual Tree Check-Up!


By Chad Simmons
ISA Certified Arborist TX-3676A

Spring has arrived with flowering plants, pollen in the air, and the multitude shades of green. It is a transition from dormancy to vitality, a renewed spirit of the year. Visually, Spring provides the best of the best for the year, as well as giving insight to current health of your trees.

It is the time I provide annual property consultations, to monitor symmetry in flower and leaf development. A Lackluster display can show signs of stressors from abiotic or biotic conditions. Abiotic stressors can be mechanical by trenching, lawnmower and weed eating around the root collar. Biotic stressors can be weather extremes, insect and disease. All stress leads to low health and vigor with higher costs to treat than the normal Seasons Program.

Promoting a plant health care program with annual arborist property reviews is the best choice. It identifies current health for the appropriate grow time. It allows development and implementation in critical grow periods. And finally, it maintains vigor and controls disease.

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