Tree looks good. There were many dead limbs. The trees look balanced now. ”- Jack M.


The place looks amazing. Very impressed at what a difference a little upkeep can do. ”- Jaclyn T.

Want to save your roof? Take care of your trees!

As we drive around the city, we see so many trees that either have never been pruned, or have been pruned by someone who didn’t know what they were doing. Considering the extreme weather we experience here in DFW, caring for your trees and having them pruned by an expert should be pretty close to the top of your home maintenance list.

Large branches, and even entire trees, can topple onto your home with just the right gust of wind when the tree is weak. Hazard branches and trees are not always easy to spot by the untrained eye. There could be hidden wounds, infections or growth problems that can turn a seemingly healthy tree into a hazard overnight.

Often, we hear that pruning large trees is just “too expensive”. Well, we can assure you that repairing your roof, car or other property structure (plus removing the branches or tree) will be a lot more expensive than good tree care and pruning. Prevention is always the best medicine, right?


The photo above is a common sight around the city after any storm that moves through our area.

How to Avoid Roof Damage

Avoiding damage to your home starts with where you plant your tree in the first place.
Often, trees are planted much too close to the home. Not only can large
tree roots be a problem, but large branches are then very close to your
roof. It is recommended that there be no branches within six-feet of your roof line. Why? Because this will protect your home in our severe Texas weather. It could also prevent squirrels and other small animals from jumping onto your roof, trying to find entry into your home to nest.

Hiring a certified arborist to inspect and care for your tree pruning is another way to avoid roof damage. A trained tree care professional will be able to assess which limbs or trees could be a threat to your family or property.

Leaves falling on roofs also can cause problems.
If leaves are left on roofs they can hold moisture close to shingles,
causing rot and future leaks in the roof. In addition to pruning trees,
it is recommended to keep roofs clear of debris as well.

Are there trees near your roof line that you are unsure about?
Or perhaps you are concerned about an old tree that has the potential
to fall on your home. Only a qualified, certified arborist can tell you
the state of your valuable trees. Give us a call for a tree inspection this month in Dallas or Fort Worth.

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