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Landfill? No Way. We Recycle Your Trees!

Here at Preservation Tree Services, our goal is not only to preserve healthy trees in your landscape; but also to make sure that trimmings or tree removals we take from your property are recycled responsibly rather than dumped in the landfill.

Black Walnut Tree Removal

For example, here is a Black Walnut tree that we recently had to remove from a customer’s property. Black Walnut makes for stunningly beautiful lumber and we hated to see the tree go to waste. So we brought in special equipment to remove the trunk of the tree in its entirety so that it could be made into usable lumber. We feel this is local recycling at its best!


When we look at a tree that needs to be removed from a landscape, we don’t see trash, we see potential. And we certainly do not leave trimmings out on your front easement to be picked up by the city. Why? Because that is supposed to be our cost of doing business, not the city’s taxpayer’s cost to remove it. We remove all trimmings and trees cleanly from your property. A trained, certified, bonded and insured tree care company will always remove the waste from your property and never leave it on your easement: It costs us to do so, but it is the responsible thing to do. But then what do we do with what we remove?

Unacceptable! Good tree care companies never do this!

Many tree care companies pay to have your trimmings put into the landfill. We feel that putting organic matter into the city’s landfill is not the environmentally correct choice. Small twigs, leaves, branches or pieces too small for fire wood will be chipped and put into our on-site compost operation. We then use the compost we make to create our liquid compost extract to fertilize your trees. Larger pieces of wood can then be recycled into fire wood. Large trunks can be removed and milled to create beautiful lumber, and stumps can be used to create unique furniture. While it does take a good investment on our part to recycle your trees into useable materials, preservation is part of our mission statement and so we take our recycling seriously. Just because your beloved tree must be removed, doesn’t mean it has to go to waste.

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