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What Happens When Your Tree Outgrows Its Welcome?

Look around any urban or suburban area and you’ll see streets lined with trees that are quickly overtaking their location. They’ve long outgrown their allotted space vertically and by way of overgrown roots that interfere with sidewalks, power lines or your home’s foundation. Besides being aesthetically displeasing at times, the problem of poorly placed trees is an issue that is far too common in Dallas-Fort Worth.

Pts Tree Easement

This tree outgrew its welcome years ago. Removing it is most likely the only safe option.

Over-pruned trees could mean it’s over for your trees.

Trees confined to a space too small to accommodate their mature size require frequent pruning in attempts to keep it in bounds. Over pruning leaves the entire plant vulnerable to disease and, over time, chips away at the health, strength and value of the tree. Both constant or extreme pruning, as well as the unfortunate scenario of resorting to drastic removal of large, mature branches after too much time has passed, contributes to the damage. A sick and stressed tree cannot provide the usual benefits to the environment, particularly not when they end up dying and have to be removed.

You’ve undoubtedly noticed how confined trees crack and lift sidewalks. Trees crammed into small locations typically also have girdled and compacted roots, making it difficult to survive no matter how much water or fertilizer you offer. Unlike a plant with healthy, aerated soil around the roots and ample space to grow, take up water and fertilizer, many urban sites scarcely allow enough space for a tree to grow to its full potential. Sadly, much of the water given to these trees ends up as run-off into the surrounding hardscape, resulting in a waste of resources.

We all know how heartbreaking it is to see a tree that has been mutilated or even worse, must be removed due to poor placement. Trees are valuable to us and the entire ecosystem for so many reasons. They provide not only breathtaking beauty, but life giving oxygen that all Earth’s creatures need to survive. The shade granted by a mature tree is crucial for cooling the heat collected in the ground and keeping the cost of indoor climate control to a minimum. In addition to providing a refuge for many types of wildlife, trees, especially those native to their area, also supply food for the insects eaten by the birds and countless other animals.

The importance of considering a tree’s mature size before planting cannot be over stressed. If you find your tree outgrowing its space, reduction pruning could help, or a complete tree removal may be in store. To reduce the future removal of trees on your property, start by choosing the right tree.

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