Thanks for the great job your crew did not trimming the Crepe Myrtle’s. There was the potential that this trim could look like butchered job, however it does not. The trees look good and still have a natural appearance. ”- Joseph O.


Just wanted to let you know how happy we’ve been with Preservation Tree & Lawn services. Our grass with just one application looked amazing. We’re very happy with the entire team. Thank You! ”- Elle B.

What is the SEASONS plan?

Is the plan Organic? Does it use Organic products?

More than just “Organic”, SEASONS by Preservation™ Liquid Compost is a living product. The base compost is developed exclusively by Preservation Tree through recycling and repurposing native plant material. This process promotes a bio-diversity of beneficial bacteria, fungi and micro- and macro-organisms that make up the Soil Food Web. Combined with organic amendments such as seaweed, fish and humates, beneficial components are extracted from meticulously managed mature compost in their natural state. This living product is used immediately once it is produced, stimulating biological activity in the soil, mimicking the flora and fauna of a natural forest floor, and vastly improving the health of your trees and shrubs.

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