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What to Expect from Your Ice Damaged Trees this Spring

Be Patient with Your Trees. They are Healing from Winter Storm Damage.

While we will still experience more freezing weather this month, the occaisional warm days are a signal to start sprucing up the landscape. We encourage you to add compost to existing beds, prune dead leaves from shrubs and cut back perennials in before we head in to spring; however,

Leaves of certain plants, such as hollies, may have yellowed and some branches may still be bent over from the weight of the ice. While you may have had large damaged branches removed by us after the storm, you may now be tempted to go back in prune away smaller branches that seem deformed from the ice. However, we advise you to wait until plants begin to leaf out. Many trees and shrubs that may still be showing symptoms of damage from the winter ice storm, may bounce back in spring. It’s still too early to tell and this is when patience can pay off. Over-pruning now can leave your once attractive shrubs and trees permanently deformed.

When you “top” trees and large shrubs to remove bent or seemingly unhealthy branches, you often end up with a flush of weak branches sprouting from the cut called a “witches broom”. These branches will never grow to be strong and supportive tree branches and can further weaken an already weakened tree.

DO NOW: We are applying our liquid compost extract this month to help shrubs and trees get the best possible start this spring.

Not sure if your trees and shrubs need pruning? We advise you to have an arborist inspect your large trees and privacy shrubs just as they are leafing out this spring. With this inspection, our arborists can determine if more damaged branches should be removed. It is important to take care of hazard branches before they cause damage to your property or hurt someone you love.

FRUIT TREES: If you have fruit trees such as pears, plums or apples, they should be pruned in late-winter, just before leaf buds break and begin to open.

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