Just a short note but a very BIG thank you for the TLC you all gave our old Oak tree last week. Chad & the entire crew are so professional and their concern for our tree and nature in general are evident in the work they do. ”- Crystal C.


The crew did an awesome job. We thought it was awesome they cleared the leaves from the gutter when they finished. ”- Pam F.

What’s All the Stress About? Could Be Aphids!


This month, we’re noticing many new insect infestations on trees around the DFW area. Because many of our urban trees are stressed from heat, improper watering and lack of fertilization, they are more susceptible to pest problems. Aphids are one of those pests invading trees right now, as seen on the leaves of the post oak (in photo) that we recently inspected.

Aphid fun fact! Almost all aphids are female. Males are generally only present in late summer. The females give live birth to a genetically identical “daughter” through asexual reproduction.
This time of year, aphids are commonly found on crapemyrtles, post oaks, bur oaks, and American elms to name a few. These tiny insects are hard to see but they can cause some heavy damage on already stressed trees. Aphids suck moisture and nutrients from the leaves, then leave behind a sticky substance of excrement and waste called honeydew that can attract other pests.

The best defense against aphids is a healthy tree that is properly pruned, watered and fed year-round. If your trees are looking lackluster and you’re noticing blotchy damage to the leaves, you may have an aphid infestation. Now’s a great time to schedule one of our certified arborists to check on your trees. We can come to you in Dallas or Fort Worth! Early diagnosis and a care plan is your best defense against tree damage from pests and disease.

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