Thanks for the trees, they look great. Your crew is a first class act! ”- Tracy M.


Great job/service by Getth & Jon. Jon was a really hard worker and I knew my trees were in good hands. ”- Steve B.


Our Culture

We have a work intensive, quality conscious, and strong-willed management team committed to meeting and exceeding customer expectations through hard work and incremental improvement.

Preservation Tree Services


A Code of Conduct Declaration by and for Preservation Tree Services

  1. Change: The survival of a business depends on its ability to adapt to new ideas and challenges. Constant resistance to new things can be counterproductive to moving the business forward.
  2. Honesty: Trust flows from honesty in all situations. Misrepresentation of any action, task, motive or the company’s abilities is a breach of trust.
  3. Ownership: Take ownership of whatever is at hand. Own your part in everything you do. This is your company.
  4. Investment: All team members must be accountable to each other, and the client. Bringing your very best to the job makes for a stronger company.
  5. Consideration: Deliver on all promises and think before you promise. Take all things in consideration.
  6. Execution: Strive for a proactive manner; strive for diligent and timely execution of all tasks and functions.
  7. Service: The basis for our existence as a company is service to others. Cheerful service provided to our teammates and clients is a must for our survival. Every task at hand is a service for someone.

Employee Testimonials

"My favorite thing about being a PTS team member is one word: Family. I truly feel like family here. I am a newer employee and I have never felt like an outsider. Everyone is very welcoming, kind and understanding. During the pandemic we are in has also truly shown that with kids at home and allowing us to be there with them. I am forever grateful.Working with this team has truly challenged me. I came in knowing nothing really about trees and PTS takes the time to train you and educate you. There is always room for growth and opportunities within the company. I hope to be with PTS a very long time."

-Brandie Harris

"My favorite part about being a PTS team member is that for 21 years I have felt and worked here comfortably in every aspect with the PTS team. And I feel that working as a part of this team is helping me achieve my goals, because of the growth opportunities I’ve been given.

I started working as a groundsman in 1999, when I was 19 years old. And I moved up in work positions to a climber, a crew leader & driver, a trainer, and now I’m a Supervisor. I am very grateful for being a PTS team member."

-David Guzman

"The part about PTS that really means to me is the family type atmosphere we have. I came from the corporate world for so many years and the change for me is it’s nice to know everyone knows who you are and knows what you do. The support you get from the owners and employees on a personal level does it for me. They truly care about you as a person and not just an employee working for the company.

With the company growing there will be more opportunities for us with new job duties to help us become a better person/employee."

-Cathy Wilson

"Since joining Preservation Tree in 2012, I have been afforded numerous opportunities to contribute to their team(s), manage and grow a territory, advance my career and increase my income. I do not know of another tree care company in the world that would have provided me with the avenues I have been given to help them grow in this market and to be as successful as I feel that I am at this point in my arboricultural career."

-Scott Dahlberg

"My favorite part about being a PTS team member is the collaboration of years of tree care knowledge. We as a team understand trees on a deeper level. Our founder Harold established a culture ahead of its time that has been passed down through the years and has been adopted by all of us.

We continue to adapt to ever changing best industry practices. Being a part of this team is an invaluable asset to my growth as an arborist"

-Getth Nelson